Salary not paid for 16 months

I have been working in a unaided private college for past 10 years as a regular employee. My appointment is approved by the University to which the college is affiliated. A dispute has been going on since June 2013. The state Government wanted to takeover the college and even the takeover has been notified in February 2014. The college management has not passed any resolution for handing over the college to the Government and the entire takeover process was carried out by bypassing the college management (registered society). However no decision has been taken about the employees as yet. Now realizing the mistake the government is now asking for the resolution of the college management for handing over the college. The college management has filed a case against the Government for forcible takeover in September 2014.The college management has not paid salary since 1.5 years. The Government even appointed a Principal about two months back. However as an employee it is very distressing that neither the Government nor the college management is paying salary for past 1.5 years. The college management says that the matter is in court and hence untill the decision is taken by the court, it is not possible to pay salaries to the employees loyal to the college management. The Government says that the matter is in court and untill the employees are taken over after a favourable decision (if any) from the high court it cannot release salary. This is a very strange situation and I find this situation very difficult to hand for lack of finance. What is the best option for me ? My financial condition is really tight. The court case may take years to decide. What do I do till then? Can I take up a job in any other organization? What happens to my employment at the college if I pick up employment without resigning from present job? My services are neither terminated not any disciplinary proceeding is pending against me.