Can Recovery Agency in UAE ask for repayment after 12 years.

Dear Sir, I had to leave UAE as my Visa was cancelled and had to leave the country immediately. In Sep 2004 i had left UAE, Now its 12 years and i receive a call from FINTRESTLE who says they are recovery agents of ADCB and i have dues on my credit card and i need to pay the same. Before 1 year in 2015 i received a call from AZZITE, which also said we are recovery agents of ADCB and i just blasted them and they never called me back. Please clear my confusion, its a humble request. Questions 1.) Can a UAE Bank file Civil Case after 12 years in India for Non Payment of Credit Card? 2.) What is the time barring limit in such cases? I also found in one of the Web SItes between QUOTE and UNQUOTE: QUOTE Recently, despite Fintrestle's extensive efforts to resolve an agreement, the bank advised that Fintrestle had never been given any authority to represent them, despite Fintrestle having full private details of the bank's customer. We therefore advise customers demand that any third party claiming to represent a bank, should insist upon receiving confirmation of representation before entertaining any communication. UNQUOTE Thanks and Best Regards,