Debit collection

Dear Lawyer, I hope you will give answer for my question here. ln the year [deleted] i worked for MNC company in Dubai. At the time i got a credit cards from banks like "First gulf Bank" and " RAK Bank". Meantime i come to India in leave for one critical situation. But i haven't return back to Dubai. After two months i got a call from collection agent ( Bilkish associates) on behalf of "First gulf Bank" regarding my debit in the bank. I cooperate with this people and pay my debit from India through Thomos cook (p) Ltd. Then now (2014) i received a call from unknown collection agent situated in Delhi, that i have to pay for RAK bank. But I don't know clearly weather i have debit in that bank or not. But they called me regularly and even to my place where i am working. Now they are not calling me. In the final conversation they told that they will put a ban on my passport. Now i got an opportunity to work in France. I want to know what the problem i will face if i go to France. Will any arrest procedure in the airport is followed. kindly help me to come out from this situation .please do the needful