How much alimony needs to be given for working wife

After the death of my first wife, I married another women aged 40 in 2011, she is working having income of 55K , and i am having income of 93K , she is double graduate and have her two flats as property, and i have 1 flat as my property, both of us having daughters of 24 years, her daughter is married, my daughter unmarried. due to difference of opinion i had to keep my daughter away as my wife could not accept her nicely. i was under threat of 498 hence i left my own flat and started staying with my wife in her flat, she demanded rental and i am giving rental to her Rs.5000 pm since 2012 and staying with her in her flat. i also manage all house expenses as per the standard she had set. with all bills / house expenses / phones / electricity / house maid / grocery / vegetables / out station tours - holidays / now her demand is increasing in terms of gold / clothes and other things. i am constantly under threat and just to keep my daughters career intact, under going sever mental stress and abuse by all of her family members. just tolerating since last 5 years. please guide me as my social status is under threat and keeping quiet to save my life. her daughter keep torturing me. and abusing me. but just to lead the life i am pulling on like an ass. at the initial days she said i will manage with my salary and will not be a burden on you, but now the view point is changing. i also have an notarized agreement on 100 Rs stamp paper with her that in case of separation she will not demand any alimony from me, but now threat is increasing day by day.