Issue with bank of personal loan

I took personal loan from HDFC bank Gurgaon as per approved loan, where no documents were required over a year, and have been paying the EMI, but for last two months I couldn't make it as I was some health issues therefore I had to be hospitalized and paid good amount for this. And missed the EMI's. Yesterday one of the bank representative or third party agency person goon's went my home address, which is in UP and threatened my family members there, however I called him I asked to provide me some more time to repay the amount atleast December First week, and requested not to threaten my family members as I am only responsible for my dues. Today again two persons came around 7 PM and started same things with my family. Though I called my nearby police station to my home and SHO refused to take my complaint and told I can't do anything with this matter. Later on I got to know two policemeb were with them (goon's) Request you to please help out from the situation! Thanks you in advance!