Joining client company

Dear Sir/Madam, My wife is working in a software MNC. She was working for one of the company's client at Client's workplace (abroad). She had moved out from that project/client almost a year back and has returned back to India. She is still working in the same software MNC but for another project/client and its almost a year now. Presently she got an offer from her previous client. She had signed a NDA with her current employer while working for the previous client. The agreement states that she cannot work for the client for 1 year from termination. But the termination as mentioned in the agreement did not mention whether it is termination from the project or company. Can she accept the offer or will there be any legal issues. Please find below the relevant portion from Non solicitation agreement: "The EMPLOYEE shall not for a period of one year from the date of termination for any reason whatesover, directly or indirectly, provide service to any Client where Employee previously provided services to the Client on behalf of company or was introduced through the company." Thanks in advance.