Medical treatment negligence

Occasionally I was unable to hear properly due to lack of clarity. Just to cure that negligible defect I met the ent specialist for treatment one month ago. She cleaned my ears . While she was doing cleaning I suffered from terrific pain. After that she put some ear drops and asked me to go to audiologist for hearing test. After testing he advised me that nothing to worry and even hearing aids are not required and the problem which I am facing occasionally is simply age related and we can decide after one year if the hearing aid will be necessary or not. With that I felt happy and went home. But from that day inside my right ear unbearable pain started with sounds. Again I approached the doctor and described everything. Again she checked and gave some medicines and ear drops. After putting ear drops in right ear and when removing the cotton from the ear I found the cotton with full of blood. From that day on words I went to the doctor with unbearable pain inside the ear and horrible sounds . After 4 visits she said nothing wrong and said I can go. I went home and since then I am suffering like any thing from unbearable pain in side the rt ear and also unbearable sounds. No sleeping since then. After four days I met another ent specialist and after examining my ear, he has not disclosed any thing but advised me to come to him after the tablets which the earlier doctor gave are exhausted. One month over and I am going to meet the second doctor tomorrow. I don't know what he is going to tell me. But since then nearly one month I am suffering like any thing from severe pain in the ear and unbearable sounds. After taking treatment, let it be any cost I want to go to consumer form for justice. Can I approach consumer form in this case . Kindly advise.thanks a lot