My wife is going to withdrew her consent at the second motion

R/Sir/Madam, I am a man of 28 years. I was married in Feb 2011 without any kind of dowry. Due to some temperament differences we could live together only for 4-5 months and after that she started living with her parents. She is assistant professor and I a m a clerk. Meanwhile she gave birth to a male child in November 2011. After that she started complain g to police as the the trend in today's scenario to get falsely implicated me under dowry and dv act. My the police inquired the matter and her complaints were proved wrong 5 times by the police. The police declared me innocent in all the inquired regarding her complaints. Mean while I filed RCR under Sec 9 of H.M in district court Faridkot. Punjab. She filed Transfer Application against my case in Punjab and haryana highcourt. The highcourt sent our case to Mediation and Conciliation Centre. The mediator succeeded in making compromise between us. We compromise for divorce. Accoding to the compromise I have to pay her 3,75000 as permanent alimony to her and for the child. Out of which rs. 200000/- I have to pay at the first statement of 13B petition . and the rest at the final statement of 13 B. If She breaks the compromise and not make the final statement she will be bound to refund me the money and If there is any lapse on my part my amount is bound to forfeited. According to compromise we file 13 B joint petition in District Court Fazilka. I paid her 200000 in front of the court and the court was adjourned for six months i.e 10 th October. She did not appear on 10 th Oct.2014 for second motion. and the court was adjourned for 18 th October. She again did not appear on 18 th october and the court was adjourned for 4 th November. Meanwhile I come to know from some one that she is going to withdraw her consent for divorce to harass me.What should I do in this course