Non-payment of incentives & putting fake aligatiions

I used to work with Globtier infotech pvt. ltd. Many a times there were delays in incentive payment to the employees. By Aug 15th, 2016 we were supposed to get our weekly and monthly incentives which we did not receive. After many different unsatisfactory and illogical answers from the management, on Aug 26th, 2016 I and few employees decided not to start the work until we get the proper date that when our incentives will be paid. Our company owner and all the managers were on holiday tour, we got to speak with the owner and they asked to leave as they do not want us to continue our work cause we have taken this action. Then after, though we did not give any formal or informal resignation to the company, we were releived from the services by sending an email stating as per the resignation they will pay us the full and final amount after 45 days as per the company procedure and asked us to come on Oct 10th, 2016, On Oct 10th 2016 they only gave us salary cheques, but not incentives. When we asked for the reason, they said they still need to calculate the same and will send us the confirmaton email by very next day. As expected we did not get any confirmation be it verbal or written. After contacting the HR and owner many times, they tried to avert us. We finally decided to go the office and talk to them about the same so we can get our hard earned money calmly. They asked us to get out of the company premise, else they will take strict action against us. I managed to speak with owner, he said that someone is trying to bring their business down by calling their customers and stealing the data from their company. I agreed on proper investigation and giving him 5 more days time to clarify and only penalise the culprit and pay the rest. After an hour I received an email stating that company has found me and colleagues indulged into the above said activities and called us criminals. I asked them to send or show the evidence they have found against me, else I will have to take the further action in legal manner. Kindly read the above description and suggest what could be the best way to get our money and if they do not agree to pay, what should be our next step.