Don't want to take up husband's loan

Hello Sir, indu My name is Pallavi and I am 34 years old. I had a love and arranged marriage to a Hindu guy in 2006. My problem is my husband was working for a while after marriage and quit his job after 2 years after that he has been taking lot of loan from people saying that he will be doing business, in which he has failed miserably. I have cleared almost 15lakh of loan amount which he had collected from different sources by selling my gold ornaments which was given by my parents. Inspite of me advising him to stop doing business and take up a job which he is not willing to do that (Note: he is a BE, MBA). My problem is how do I indemnify myself from all his liability, I cannot and do not want to take up any of his liability any further because he is not given me any sort of financial support in the past or present, but in turn taken lot money from me. It is my parents who are supporting me financially and in all other ways. He is not taking up any responsibility of a family nor willing to divorce me either. My fear is will people come after me to collect his loan since I am his wife. ( There is no property or any asset which he is got in his name or from his family). Please advise how should I handle this. I have lost lot of things because of him. I cannot afford to loose any more.