my wife is trying to give me divorce but i want to stop it

hello sir, my name is raj,im 28 years of old..i own a consultency in from hyderabad.i married a girl called lakshmi who is my 10th &12th classmeets and also she stays in my colony.she is working in an IT company.we were married in register office with out informing to parents at the age of 25 years thats around of jan 29th of 2011.v stayed together for 3 years and after that she left to her parents house coz they dont know about the wedding...v lied that v both r working in some another city and resided in same town in other house.around 5months back her elsr sister got married to a usa fellow who is well settled.after her sisters marriage setteling she rejected me and asked me to leave her by which i 5 months back she revealed about our marriage to their parents and now they r encouraging her for divorce and she also intrested in it.i want to stop her from giving divorce and want her back into my life...i dont have parents support and even friends and all r suggesting me to leave her and take divorce for money...i really loved her and still love her...i planned a very beautiful life for future which is now is can i stop her from giving divorce and want to spend future with her....their actions really troubling me a lot and making me angry....which im loosing control day by day with their actions....actions means they r not responding to me and threatining me for mutual consent divorce which im really not ready to give.please suggest me some good plan to make my life happy.