family law

I got married on [deleted] to Deepmala Khare in Korba. She used to stay in her father's house more and less time with me. She stayed with me for a total tenure of 4 months and that too is not in a single stretch. Most of the time she used to spend in her father's house only regardless of what's happening to me. I then informed her parents that spending a lot of time with her parents rather than me is not good for our relationship, but to no use. I therefore, filed a complaint with the Family Counseling center, Janjgir which she happened to attend only two of the hearings (which I insisted on attending). The members of the family counseling center wanted to talk to her parents, to which they did not show any interest. The judgement of the Family counseling Center came into my favor and asked me to approach the Family Court. I then applied for Divorce in the Family Court at Korba. In the mean I tried to bring her to my residence a lot many times which she refused. She did not attend any of the hearings of this court as well and the judgement was not in my favor as according to the Honorable judge, I did not complete the time required to apply for divorce in the year 2010. The Honorable court relieved me saying that I could apply for the same when I complete my aforesaid time period. Then again I applied in the court for divorce in which she did not attend for a long period of time. One day she appeared before the court and said that she wished to be with be with me but said that she wishes to stay with me in the house where my parents stay and not me. She applied for two things ie, 1. Restitution of conjugal rights 2. Alimony She got the court into her favor which asked me to pay interim alimony of 2000/- to her. My Questions : 1. I wish to know if I have to pay the interim alimony even if my Salary is paid only for 9 months but not for the whole year since I do not get even a single coin in the summer vacation. (I am working as a temporary school teacher) whereas my salary is 4000/- a month 2. I wish to restore my life with her so is it necessary to pay alimony? 3. She has been working as a school teacher before marriage and was earning a good salary .(I don't have proof of her salary) 4. why shall I pay alimony if I wish to be with her all my upcoming life. Thanks in advance for your kind support and prompt reply S. Saruvan