My son got married to daughter of my wife's eldest brother on 29 th may 2009. There is no dowry system in our families and religion as well.My daughter in law started haressing my son from day one of the marriage saying the marriage is against her will, and stayed with my son hardly for 15 days in different spells up to three months from date of the marriage. On 10 th march 2010 she delivered a baby girl.We filed case for divorcein oct 2012. My son, we as well are not allowed to see the child. She filed RCR for which we agreed to recieve her. Now she reluctant to join our family and applied for interim maintanace. of Rs 30,000 per month. Child is not put in school. My son works in IT company drawing 40,000 salary.She through her lawyer filed an counter accusing all kinds of false allegations (including dowry) of all types, and did categorically say in counter that she does not want to continue.All cousellings from court failed.She is post graduate in commerce and has a degree in teacher training My son age is 34. and her 32. Case is pending in family court Hyderabad.She is in her parents house.she says she neither agrees for divorce nor join my son. next haring is on 18th nov 2014.