what choice do i have?

My name is Anjali guha, 76 years. Inhabitant of 74 mata manomohini nagar, Kolkata-700108, west Bengal. i have two sons & two daughters. My elder son died on 27th august 2011, my younger son & elder daughter live with me & my younger daughter, she lives with her husband. My husband died on 14th march of 2013. As a property he left only a two storied building, the area is 1400 sq,ft . The ground floor of the building has 3BHK & the 1st floor is a Duplex, each apartment’s area is 700 sq.ft . the building was registered in my deceased husband’s name. Now for the property we have 5 legal heirs- 1. Myself 2. My elder daughter in law 3. My younger son 4. My elder daughter 5. My younger daughter So now I have decided to give each of them their share of this property. But my elder daughter in law she decided not to take any part of the property. So now I made a suggestion to distribute the whole property to other 4 heirs. The decision I made like this, the one apartment of 1st floor will be given to my younger son & another one will be given to my younger daughter. & the ground floor will be equally divided with me & my elder daughter. & I also decide after my death my portion of the property will be given to my elder daughter. So everyone agreed with this, but my younger daughter she is not agreeing with this. She wants another room in ground floor as with her share of property or she won’t consent the property deed. 1. The claim is she making, is it acceptable? 2. If I don’t agree with my younger daughter’s demand, can I make the property will as I want to? 3. If I agree with her, then my share will be less, so is there any option I can void her demand? 4. If she won’t sign the consent paper, is there any choice do I have to make the will without her?