Wife and inlaws deniying to meet daughter

My wife age 26 left me without any reason in 2013 . she took all her belongings . At that time our daughter were 3 years old. so i use to visit there home to meet her but they denied as they are rich and powerful . sometime somehow i managed to meet her at bus stop. many times i tried to settle the things but failed. As they didn't have any reason to filling a divorce so 2016 they put a condition before me that if i sign the paper they will allow to meet my daughter. i had no choice so i agreed. we both make a mutual agreement on 50 Rs stamp about child care,custody and meeting. there is clearly mansion that father and his relatives can meet twice a month. But after 6 month when decree is issuedin april 2016 they again start denying to meet me to daughter . two days ago on my daughter's bday i again visited after informing her via sms but they took her to any secrete place. I went to Police with mutual agreement copy . Police called them . My wife came with in-law's and refused all papers and said she will not allow to meet. police said that you signed on mutual paper which is notrised but she told that she was forced to do so... in our divorce order there is nothing mansion about child care , meetings and other things as we already settled that matter out of court...now what can i do..i m very much depressed and feeling cheated. i want to meet my daughter. please help