Judicial Seperation

Hello, My name is Sitaram Misar. I'm working in IT industry as a Software engineer. I'm from Latur Maharastra. I need your help to sort out my family issue which is related to brothers marriage. My big brother got married before 12 years ago. He is having one boy and 3 girls. From last 6-7 years my brothers wife is not staying with us. She is staying in her hometown with his two childs(Boy and gilr). Two girls are stying with my brother from last 6 years. We tried to resolve the gaps between them but she is not able to understand. She wants to sale all the property and wants to settle in her hometown with my brother for which my brother is not ready. Then before two years back we have submitted legal case against her in Latur court. Case was continue still 2.5 years and later they told we didn't receive any answer from other party(Brothers wife) and because of that court has rejected the application. We have submitted case by provind the details like "She is not willing to stay with us if she is ready to come then moset welcome for her if not then we need Judicial seperation". But she never replied for any court notice. If she didn't reply it doesn't mean it's our fault. Now we are little scared what to do. She don't want to come and we are not taking any step about another marrige process. We need legal seperation with the help of we can make my brothers future. I hope you guys help me with valuable advice. I can't explain my family situation they are currently staying in village area , my parents are more than 50 years old and now they also need someone who can handle my families responsibilty. Please help me to get out from this hell. Currenlty I'm out of india due to some business related work. I;m providing my hungarian contact no. Email ID - [deleted] Thanks, Sitaram Misar