Threatening under dvc

Respected sir i am 33m got married working as senior manager in BANK, in 2013 n have baby child(2yrs). Before marriage i had Love affair which is known to my family too , which later my wife came to know. Every time since marriage my wife threatens with DVCto me n my parents . My parents live in Hyderabad n we live in karimnagar now got transfered to bhubaneswar.She attempted for suicide threat also and quarelled with my neighbours(3) effecting my image n reputation n she dont want me to talk to my close friends.and every time she tries to spoil my relationships with near n dear . She always tries to exploit / doubts me by saying i have affair with others or having habit of going to prostitutes. i am mentally disturbed every 3months n when i speak to her family they says she is not that kind u n ur family members are torturing my daughter. And they always tried to create disturbances by provoking her/supporting her they have some political support. i am unable to concentrate in JOB and also sleepless nights.please help me in this regard.Thanking you everyone in advance.