Contested divorce by husband

After one year of marriage my wife left my house and went away. It has been more than 5 months since she has left. Below are the turn of events that occurred since then. Please guide me if I am in the right path. 1. After leaving my house, her father started visiting my relatives' houses and made statements like he will get me jailed etc.Another important thing is her elder sister is also separated from her husband and staying with her parents. If I contact her husband will it be of any help to fight the case together on these two sisters. 2. I requested over call to her father and her to come back.(Have recorded the conversation), but she demanded a separate house away from my parents with false allegations against my parents. (Have a mail evidence for her claims ). 3.She had messaged me stating that I am getting married again and that she will be leaving me. 4. Last month I went and approached Mahila Sahayavani and gave a complaint. Also approached police station in my jurisdiction and gave a complaint about their false allegations and threats to me. 5. Later in presence of all elders a mediation was held, she did not accept to stay, took back her clothes and certificates. (I took photographs of her breaking the cupboard, packing her cloths and took a written statement from her with two witness). 6. At counselling in Mahila Sahayavani, she started to make all false allegations against my parents and me. 7. She was called at police station for the complaint I had given, there she started demanding to take back her jewels and Inspector told that only through court she can take back and they cannot help. Later they closed the complaint filed by me since Mahila sahayavani is already dealing with it. 8.Since she was demanding for her leftover cloths I kept it in front of their house and took a photograph of the same(Is this a wrong move?) 9.Mahila sahayavani is just dragging the case rather than giving any suggestion/advice. Can I approach court and go for contested divorce, because she is neither ready to come and live with me nor she is ready for divorce.Please guide