Domestic Consumer Market

I would like to start a very small scale business by sale of packaged powdered spice mix under a sole propreitorship. What are the legal pre-requisites involved in the states of Maharashtra{Mumbai} and Tamil Nadu{Chennai}? I would also like to ensure the name of the brand cannot be copied and want exclusive rights to the product name. I want to register the trademark name of my brand. What is the procedure for the same? Where and whom should I approach in the cities mentioned above? What is the cost I am looking at to get this job done? Also how often will I need to pay the fees for the trademark rights? How long will my trademark rights be valid for? Similarly whom should I approach to register my Logo? Are there any fees for copyrighting a logo too? If so, what is the procedure and validity for it? I will not have any property/ employees - just me and my home kitchen. Can there be a problem as it is not a commercial space - but it will be an extremely small business. Will I really require a DIN, TAN, digital signature certificate, certificate of incorporation and private seal for such a small scaled single-owned business with zero employees? I have a PAN card of my own; will it suffice? Will I need to register with the municipality, VAT, insurance, profession tax, HUF? or are these irrelevant to a small scale business?