Fir for g.o. disobedience by schools & violation of rte law

Hello Team, I am an RTI & Social activist from the city and I need a professional guidance on a matter that is bothering all the parents in this country. We in Hyderabad have a Govt. Order that was issued back in 2009 limiting the schools on the maximum amount they can charge as Fee in schools and also in 2009 Parliament of India passed a bill i.e. Right to Education,, Section 35 says the schools cannot take donation/capitation/admission fee from parents at all. My question is simple as I know the sections in I.P.C but still want to take your help before I take a help. 1) For violation of law in RTE and as this also is inducing a person off of his property (money) in wrongful or dishonetly, Can we not file an F.I.R against school owner/management under Section 420 of I.P.C? 2) For disobedience of G.O issued in 2009 regarding maximum limit on fee to be charged to parents of the school kids, Can we not file an F.I.R under Section 188 "Disobedience to the Order Issued By Public Servant"? I would really appreciate your help here please. My email: [deleted] Thank you, Vijay Gopal