Putting Posters in My boutique designer Shop

Dear Sir, Elegant 19 is a partnership firm and the nature of business is Ladies Fashion Designing/ tailoring. This falls under service industry. We have used few female actresses to represent the common girls dreams, though we are not designing or copying their design nor do we promise them that they will look like celebrities. Our tagline explains it all "....Be the model of your Dream" what we are trying to explain them is that every female dreams of their favorite stars and wants to look like them... We are designing unique fashion mixture of western & Indian wear which are different from existing market and competitors, by wearing our dress their dream will come true or they will look better rather than carrying other Identity we want them to carry their own Identity, as we offer Design ownership and complete make over (Accessories like: ear ring, necklaces and bangles along with footwear, we will also suggest for the best hairstyle so as to match our clothes). We also undertake common stitching of regular kurtas and blouses as well but they are regular and common designs which is existing in the market or with competitors.