Mental Harrasment

Hello Sir/Ma'm, I am married since dec 2012 and have a baby boy who is one year old. I am graduate & not working. My mom in law, sister in law (who is a divorce - in govt job and with her 19 yrs old son - residing in same home) and husband harass me every day for every single thing in the house, thereby making my life miserable. Actually my mom in law has major influence on my husband n he agrees to whatever wrong she says. Whenever he returns from office she creates one or the other scene and lies to him for petty issues. She tells lies to him and ignites the fight/ arguments between both of us. He is very well settled and have good connects with senior police professionals, lawyers etc which bothers me more. They does not speak to me at all in family matters, treats me as an outsider, even deliberately insulted my parents a few times. Disrespect me and treats me as maid. If I try to get involved and sit with them, they start taunting me on small issues and then one by one vacate the room leads to mental torture. I have no clue for when they talk (my husband makes / receive all the calls from washroom). They have so much of goodwill around that they have challenged me openly that nobody is going to believe me. I am really very much bothered as I do not have any evidence for such mental harassment. I have no freedom to dress as per my choice, they hide all the spices and raw vegetables in their own room, so that I wont use and cook them Sometimes taunted me for dowry as well, besides being a well –to-do family.