498 A - Can I be arrested from Immigration Counter In India

Dear Sir, I got married on aug 2013 as per Islamic law in Gujarat and since feb 2015 my wife is at her parents’ place. Just for a small misunderstanding her family created a huge fuss especially her uncle and aunt. When we went for reconciliation, they abused me and my parents. We tried for reconciliation for more than 6 months through our common relatives. However, all our efforts were in vain. Since I was too disturbed and at the same time I got an opportunity to work in GCC country. I left for abroad in the month of Dec 2015. In the month Jan 2106, my wife and her aunt have filed 498 A, 323, 504, 506 (2), 114 and Dowry Prohibition Act Section 3, 7, 10 on me and four my family members (father, mother, sister, aunt). My residence comes under B- Division Police Station and my father-in-law works at the same place as Head Constable. Though he is not at that big position but he holds strong network and influences. He is using his influences for the above mentioned cases. My wife’s family (father, uncle and aunt) is threatening and harassing my mother, father, sister and aunt. HARASSMENT: Father-in-law uses his rapport with his colleagues and has made my family visit police station many times. The aunt, who is accused, is staying in Mumbai and she had to travel for this case. Secondly, the police constables who came for questioning our neighbours, had written manipulated statements and didn’t write what exactly was being told by our neighbours. (This was informed to us by our lawyer) THREATENING: My wife’s family members are making statements like “I would not be able to land in India, the moment I come to India, they will get me arrested right from the airport. My Passport will be confiscated and they will not allow me to resume my work back”. I would also like to inform, that I have dispatched a letter from here stating that I give her Divorce as per Islamic Law. The letter is yet to reach India. Once it reaches India it will be forwarded to them through Registered AD. We have two properties, which is from the hard earned money of my father and I have just added some bits and pieces to it. For settlement they are claiming one of the properties. I haven’t met my family for more than 10 months and I am willing to meet my family as early as possible. My concerns: 1. Will there be any problem if I visit India. 2. Do I have to face anything at the immigration counter in India. 3. Can my passport by seize 4. Can I get anticipatory bail. 5. If I visit india for 15 days, can they file some other cases and create some other problems. 6. Will there be any problem for me to resume my work. 7. Shall I or my aunt file any case on them like defamation or something like that. 8. Precautionary measure needs to be taken by me and my family. Thank you so much for your time. Your help and guidance for the above case will be highly appreciated.