my husband is not staying with me for more than a year

I was married to my husband 4 years back.Ours was a love marriage and after the consent of both the families we got married socially.Before the marriage my husband's family pretended that they are very liberal and they would love me to be more a daughter to them than a daughter in law.So i was very much sure that ours would be a happy marriage.But just a month before marriage my in laws called to say that ac 2-tier fare for the baaratis and plane fare for 6 people to and fro should be given as it is their custom. I objected to this and denied in marrying my husband.But he took the initiative and resolved the matter and our marriage took place. But after marriage my in laws constantly created problems,always abused me and my family,etc etc. They mentally harassed not only me but my parents as well. still I continued to be with themwithout any complaint with the hope that the situation will improve.But last year when i came to my paternal home,my father in law threatened to beat me & my parents if i return on phone.I tried calling my husband several times but he didn't respond for months.My family members went to their home for negotiations where they behaved very badly and it was decided there that my husband will meet me the next day which he eventually didn't do.later when a mutual friend intervened he told of restoration.he came to see me at my hostel 2-3 times, met my family members for restoration.Every process of restoration was suggested to him and he agreed but eventually didn't do it blaming it on me that i don't want which is absolutely false.he is again not answering any call or sms for 2 months now.In between i went to his house also but he didn't allow me to get in.But he always talk of restoration and say that he wants to be with me. My questions are:1) Is there any legal benefit he is drawing in his favour by talking of restoration and not doing it?If yes what are they? 2) what can I do in these circumstances? 3)Is delaying by talking of restoration weaken my case if I file divorce? 4) Everything that was given in marriage are with them.Even all my clothes are with them.How can I get them back?