Sale of property before probate

My grand-grand father executed will in favor of me and my brother and on the same date another will for his rest of the property in favor of his daughter-son. After his death we file a probate case in civil court. Probate was objected by grand-grand mother and petition were filed for all the land written in both will. We had possession on all the land as in will after the death of grand-grand father. Also the mutation was done in our name. We have totally possession on the will property since death of grand-grand father. Another title petition was also filed by the grand-grand mother. After 12 years grand-grand mother compromised. I and my brother executed sale deed for 1 acres land (will land) in favor of grand-grand mother's own brother without notice or permission of the court. Title suit was taken back by grand-grand mother. No one having objection or interest on our will property. The probate case is still pending in the court. The will was examined by one of the witness and it is on progress. Now my questions are as below: 1. Above sale deed is legal or void 2. Shall we bring the sale matter before the probate court or not 3. If the sale matter bring by the other party (having another will) then what? 4. What are now correct steps foe me to get the probate without any problem?