We live in Canada. My husband owns a flat in Pune where his brother has either been staying alone or renting it out to his friends since the purchase. His brother also owns a property in Pune which is rented out to other tenants. All rental income arising out of both the flats is going to his brother. His brother is soon getting married and would continue staying in husband's flat for free with his future wife. On the other hand we are struggling to buy a home in Canada for ourselves due to lack of funds. My husband wants a caretaker for his Pune place. We are not getting any rental income from there and he is not willing to sell it. Please advice what would be the legal implications and what I should do to explain my husband so that we get some income from investment in India. My father had gone through a similar experience in his lifetime and while trying to help out his brothers we ended up living in a small 1 bhk flat while all his siblings are leading lavish ives in large bungalows