How to safe guard family from people who caused my fathers death?

Hello, It is with great grief and fear that I am writing this and seeking your legal advice. My father has killed himself due to the harassment and mental torture given to him by the people he had borrowed money from. He was regularly paying the monthly interest to everyone, some of which up to 10%. In the mid of 2015 he had arranged 20 lakhs which he wanted to return back to the person and cancel the sale deed done on our property but that person wasn't willing for a settlement for reasons unknown. This lead to a stroke in November and he was never the same. He went under depression as he wasn't able to function and provide for his family anymore. He wasn't able to pay the monthly interests anymore (to 7 people) because of his situation. These people started threatening him and took his signature on blank bond papers. We kept our property for sale in order to pay back these goons but since the property has 20% work pending the response was not good and my father kept getting phone calls and messages saying that they will do inappropriate things to us, his family and my father was helpless. He has named all the people in a video recording made to the commissioner of police. I need your advice on how to go forward in this situation as I have to protect my mother and younger sister. Our property is worth 2 crores which is coincidentally the exact amount of money he owed everyone (Only principal). I earn 15 thousand a month which by itself is insufficient and I don't know how to handle this burden. Please guide me as I fear for my family's life.