Quash of FIR under section 420,467,468 and 471

CASE 1. In 1992, total of 13 beegha agriculture land was purchased by 30 people. The division of land was done in registry without enmarking specific place, but it was written that all purchasers will give way for commutation to each other.In my possession 1328 square yard of land came.This land was duly transferrred to my name by way of mutation. 2. In 1995,I sold three plots measuring 200 square yard each and gave possession of the same to each of the buyers. 3. In the year 2008, I applied for conversion of my remaining 728 square yard land from erstwhile UIT(Urban Improvement trust),the 90B of the said land was done but patta was not granted. 4. Thus , leaving apart 600 square yard sold by me, I got 90B done. 5. The buyer was required to obtain mutation from concerned authority.It was his responsibility as per documents to get mutation done for his purchased land. 6. In the FIR,the complainant has said that he has purchased a plot numbered 8(EIGHT) of 200 square yard in the year 1995. To his misconception , the same plot has been resold by me to someone else(AND THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH , NOT SO). 7. The complainant has lodged an FIR under SECTION 420,467,468 and 471in the above case. No documentary proof of the resale as mentioned in point 6 above has been submitted by the complainant. 8. The complainant has lodged the FIR only on the basis of a vigyapti read by him in the newspaper published by someone claiming to be the owner of 8 number plot. QUESTION 1.Can this FIR be quashed in this case? (LOOKING INTO THE FACT THAT IT IS A NINETEEN YEAR OLD DEAL) 2.What other preventive measures we should take? 3.Should we apply for anticipatory bail? 4.PLEASE HELP AND ADVICE