Apartment vs co-op hsg society

We took possession of the flats in pune 20 years back. The builder wanted to form an apartment complex while majority of the members wanted to form a CHS. Our application at registrar's level was approved (140 of 170 members opted) whereas the builder went to the ministry of urban development and got our society derecognized on the ground that he had made the application for apartments earlier.Society went to High Court and got an interim stay against ministry's order, which allows the society to function till the case is heard and disposed off. Builder through his money power and connections does not allow the case to come up for hearing. On the pretext that there is no society, he refuses to give conveyance.He has already built one more building complex on the land and is planning to build more. Unfortunately the MC members also are in collusion with him. He has got his relatives and friends got elected on the MC. What can n other members, who are predominantly retired senior citizens do ?