Restitution of Conjugal Rights in Hindu Marriage Act

Sir, we married 10 months ago. We both working in same org and started living together for last 3 months. Within these 3 months my mother in la is living with me. My wife is very shrt tempered and insult me every time. We fight generally but patch up aftr sm time. Bt whn my in law started living with us my wife bcm more violent and insulting. Her mother try to control me and keep me with her daughter l8ke slave. They didn't give food for 20 days my didn't talk to me 1 months. Threatened to file case against me. One they decided to not live me and started packing their luggage. In the mean time i called police and said eeverything. My wife has given written statement to police tht i will nt live him coz he abused me and he has extra marital affair and my wife and her mother shifted to another flat. Even simple msg to female frnd make her violent and she called it affair. Nver talk with respect. Now suggest what legal damage she can make to me and could i go to restitution of conjugal rights. Wht if she lodged dowry complaint against me.