Counting of Non grantable service in Tecahing

I am teching at M. Phil prograame Shivaji University kolhapur Placement done by previous Joint Director 1) I have been selected as a lecturer in the Institute on 27/09/1997 by duly appointed committee by the Shivaji University , Kolhapur considering my. I qualified as MBA with first class .( Shivaji University teacher Approval for the same) 2) I worked as a lecturer in the M.B.A. Department since 27/09/1997 to October 2004. During my tenure from 1997 to 2004, Institute has given me the benefit of increment as per the Shivaji University Rules. 3) In Oct . 2004 , I have been appointed in the M.Phil . programme . My placement was not made till June 2008. From 22/06/2008, I have been promoted as a Senior Lecturer and placed in the scale of [deleted] vide AC report and Approval of the A.O. H.E. Kolhapur dated 12/10/2009 .The placement is duly approved by the Joint Director , Kolhapur and it is also verified by the Accounts Officers , Higher Education Grants Kolhapur Region Kolhpaur. I am getting the salary as per this scale as of now. 4) Now as per the letter from Joint Director Kolhapur it is seen that the Placement done considering my previous service is not acceptable . but considering all the above my previous service from 01/08/1995 is without break should be considered for the placement. 2) Discrimination compared to others Teachers The teachers who retired and currently working in the SIBER institute are given CAS benefits. All of them were working in the MBA/ M Com department under non grantable category. While giving CAS benefit under grantable category, their non grantable services had been counted for the placement. By considering the above, my previous service from 27/09/1995 which is without break should be considered for the placement