Escalation charges by uilder

Dear Sir I had booked a flat around 4 yrs back 2010 and on 2013 after paying off more than 90% of amount , builder says that we need to pay another 70% as escalation charges. Hence the allotees forum had filed a case at consumer forum. Couple of days back we got the decision from district consumer forum that the builder should give back the money with 15% interest by cancelling the flat with in 4 months from the date of decision. If any one who wants home or extra recovery then they may approach Consumer court state forum. 1. If I accept the court decision, then what else the builder can counter ( negetively ) and how to handle these. 2. What will happen if the builder do not oblige the court decision and keep on asking for time to repay the amount. 3. How many times the builder can ask for extra time to repay as per law. Need the above answers as the buider is from political background and very powerfull. He is not at all trust full and do not care on laws. Kindly help me so that I can take the right decision