125 CrPc and DV 12, 18a, b, c, d, r, f, 19, 20, 22

My wife has filed 125 CrPc and DV (12, 18a, b, c, d, r, f, 19, 20, 22). Mediation for 125 Crpc is going on and notice for DV is awaited. A brief history: Earlier my wife had lodge a police complaint against me of being doubtful on her character. Later I sent her legal notice to improve her behaviour. Later on Valentine's Day, she went on a ride with the same man (her brother in law) without my knowledge. After our arguments, she complaint her father about me again taking doubts on her character. When her father threatened my parents to kill me, my parents lodged police complaint against him. After that I started staying separately in a PG near to my workplace. As expected a revenge action, my wife sent letter to police commissioner saying she was torched and asked to arrest me as soon as possible. Police referred the case to Mahila Takrar Niwaran kendra. There she informed officials about she already withdrew my son’s admission from the school and planning to move to her parents. After that, there were no communication from her side for a couple of months. Suddenly Court notice 125 CrPc with dowery harassment charges received last month, followed by DV notice by other court. A few important voice recorded calls that says: 1) I must apologize her brother in law on his feet and give her in writing on stamp paper that I will never again take doubt on that godly figure. 2) Her father asking to make police complaint against me while leaving home 3) Her father asking her if I talk a word, open the door, shout loudly and beat me, slap me and gather people and call police 4) If necessary, her father would bring men on rent to insult my sister’s integrity 5) Her mother asking her not to cook, but tell other that she was cooking but I was not eating her food 6) Her brother asking her to not to wash my clothes 7) Her brother’s unsuccessful attempt to login to my bank account, etc. Our Family relations are already broken. Nobody talks to each other at all. In the first mediation, when asked to me, I told that I am ready to stay with her for my son, but with some conditions. When asked same question to her, she asked for time. The next sitting is at the end of this month. Question: How the mediation be fruitful when DV case is going on? For my son’s sake, divorce is not the first choice for me. If mediation ends in conjugal, what conditions should I put to avoid again such legal terrorism? What if she doesn’t agree my conditions? I am willing to fight the dowry and DV cases, but had read that victory not worth a penny even you win, she will take away money and child in any case. What should be my stand? Please guide