Domestic Violence

I am contacting you on behalf of my sister who was married on November 26, 2005. She has suffered constant mental harassment, and abuse from her husband and her in laws i.e. Father in Law, Sisters in Law, who has also been fighting a case against her husband for divorce and residing at her father’s place since last 4 years and have become major cause of contention amongst my sister and her husband. My sister’s plight in her home is same as of a servant who does all household chores without any expectations and in return gets abuse and filthy behavior. Her confidence is broken. My sister was forced to leave her home on August 14, 2013 and this was the third time when her sister’s in-laws forced her out without any clothes and money. That day she was again abused and humiliated as her sister in law incited her father and brother against my sister. They abused her and asked her to leave. My sister along with her two sons left her home and came to her parents place. Since then she is with us. Any endeavour for patch up has not been successful as my sister's in laws humiliate us time and again. and threaten us with dire results if we dont bow in. My sister's husband used to record her phone calls with us. there are some recordings wherein while reacting to our sister's complaints, I and my mother are using wrong words for her in laws i.e. hizre, budiya jaldi maregi etc. What could be legal recourse in this scenerio? Please guide.