Sexual, mental and physical abuse

My father had been sleeping with me since i was 6 yrs,forcefully. After 8 years of sexual abuse after finally gting the courage to tell my mom, wht she did was to send me to India. Ever since i opened the matter to her shes been mentally and verbally torturing me even to date. They say im d reason for fam riots. Even for colg they were reluctant to gt me a bsc degree. I wanted to study further, education was my.only hope. When i asked for money for masters my parents cunningily made me beg for money to all the relatives whom they have lended cash to. I had to face a lot of bad mouthing. Later my father tuk a white sheet wrote7 lakhs the amount i cumulatively needed for the colg fees, hostel fees,food and other expenses. He made me sign on it saying tht is the amount meant for the younger daughter and not me. So the verbal agreement was that i hav to pay back the amount to my sister according to her need. He said none shld know abt it. Tody i got a job and once i rech home first time. My mother said y the hell do u come back here! U hav a hostel stay there and bak home of i use something of theirs even a slipper she wud tell me to go buy one and come. I am 25 now. I kept my mouth shut all this while becuz i was afraid of all the physical abuses i was facing. Thank God now there is no physical or sexual abuses though i hav issues bcuz of it.nevertheless the verbal and mental torture continues. gets violent. Even if its a sibling fight comes running to take my sisters side. They r eminent people of society.its hard to forgive them, i have tried. If there is anything i could do legally against them please inform.