Hospitals rejecting to give a duplicate copy of the Bill

My father got heart attack in the month of june 2014 we rushed him to the corporate Hospital near by. they said the condition is critical and its emergency to put stunts in the heart. they said they would charge around 2.5 to 3 lakhs. As the case was emergency we told doctor to do the same. my father was in hospital for bout 6 to 7 days in general ward and the final bill amount was round 2,35000 (approximately). As we are from middle class we do not have that much cash in hand, nor my father in insured nor he is and Govt employee. Then we decided to sell my mothers gold and barrowed some money and paid entire amount to the hospital As my parents are not educated some how they lost the bills. but now my father wants to submit for the CM relief fund and try his luck. we went to the hospital and requested to give another copy of the bill. they were so rude that they said we have the records but we will not give you. I tried contacting the concerned doctor who treated my father. doctors Assistant told that we have nothing to do with the patient once got discharged. shut the door on my face. please advice us in this regard. Thanking you. ramani