Girl harassing boy and his parents

My brother got married on 12th dec 2014. Soon after there marriage in jammu they came back to delhi (boy's home) staying there for 2-3 days they left for there honeymoon. Back from honeymoon girl left for bangalore (where she was working) in 3-4 days and after some days boy left for his job which was out of india. 1 month after the marriage she started asking money from his husband for her room rent n daily expenses. ...though boy was on leave for around 1 month and due to his marriage n honeymoon expenses boy asked for some time as he was short of money. Girl started calling his sister n mother n informed he don't love me don't care for me as she was forced to take money from her father. Everyone tried to make her understand n things were bit fine but girl was heel bent 1 she will not b coming n staying in delhi for sny occasion also and 2nd wanted to go out to her husband. ..everyone tried to explain that life there is diff coz my brother works on sites ( he works with power transmission as an engineer ) but she took it otherwise n thought we don't want to send her at last my brother agreed n took her in the month of may. Before that she resigned n came back to delhi n stayed there for hardly 9-10 days with in laws. There she made his life hell...was not giving him breakfast or meals started misbehaving with local female colleague beating him. from home n sit in park. ...cry out loud. ...her full day was spend on online shopping or skypes calls to her mother n sister. ..she had taken full control on his finances n was not allowed to send money to his parents rather will transfer money to her account. By jan 2016 they both came back stayed with parents in delhi for around 2 months wherein she use to abuse his mother. In between boy went to his in laws house in jammu and spent a huge amount on then there as well. Around march boy left for another country for new project n girl was here with in laws for 2-3 days and after that left for jsmmu her parents house. Mil called again n again but girl was not coming back lately they stopped picking up her calls Mil decided to call girl's uncle to see if everything was ok n that provoked the girl n family they started calling all relatives of boy n stated abusing them n put all false elligation about boys health his income n all finally girl operated her locker in delhi n took away all his jewellery of course with out informing boy n his family...visited boy's house with 2 of his uncle n sister when mother was all alone took all her stuff n left. .after that around 2 months parents received call from women cell jammu to be present there since them old parents are going to jammu every month n sho there don't let boys parent talk...its only girl n her mother who shouts there n boys parents are not allowed to speak now sho is asking for all girl stuff ( which mostly she had taken) n threatening boys side to get the stuff or else she will send constable to boys house. We don't know what to do....and what can be done next.