Tenant Not Vacating the shop

Dear Sir/Madam, My father in law made an written Tenant agreement with government stamp as required. Last July 2014 for shop like (garment shop) as it mentioned that the contract for five years and each years 10% of monthly amount will be increased ,Also mentioned in agreement that when the landlord required the property the tenant has to leave the shop without any time frame and without damaging the property. As on today we are paying the shop tax in panchayat office, The tenant only paying electricity bill as they make separate electrical connection to run the business. Last one year the Tenant not paying the rent on time and anyhow after so many calls they pay rent every month. Using abusive words and commanding/rudely speaking to my home old elderly person. Im living in abroad after 7 days going to hometown in tamilnadu and like to talk with tenant to vacate the building with 30 days notice period. Because i can stay upto 40days there in my town.. Already i had polite phone conversation with tenant past 4 days before, but they speak rudely to me. They pay rent as handcash to my house elderly people everymonth with long delay time ( 2 to 3 month ) I wish after my trip and discussion with tenant hopefully they will vacate the shop, Incase if they not to do so how can i sue them, Because of the tenant rude speech im facing problem and elderly people getting depress,, Please advice to vacate the tenant from shop. Note: If i send notice period via court prior to eviction it will affect carrier or not, I heard if the case under my name i cant back to abroad ...Is there something like that.. My father in law passed away last 6 month before due to ill and the property under my wife name Thanks in advance.