Shopping Website Mistransaction

Sir, An Item had been purchased online from a shopping website which was returned after it was found dirty. The money which the shopping site was supposed to return has to be sent in some bank account. This had been a mistake on the buyer's part that the account number where money transaction was processed was typed wrong but the name of the owner of the account was correct. The money to be returned was transferred to the wrong account without the verification of the name of the buyer by the site. The buyer contacted the bank branch in which the person with that wrong account number had an account but the bank said the money had already been transacted to the respective account holder so they cannot process any reverse transaction.Somehow the buyer got the details of the person who got the money and called him up in case he can help the buyer out. She was a lady who simply said first she does not know anything about it and will contact the buyer. After the 2nd call she simply denied that she got the money but the shopping website and even the bank confirmed all the details again. Now after trying to contact the account holder, they accepted after 4-5 calls that they got the money but they rudely said they will not return the money whatever happens and used the language *Jo ukhaadna hai ukhaad main nahi dunga tere paise* . Urgent help needed. The buyer's Diwali is totally ruined. Please Reply