Who has the rights on the property now?

1. My grandmother has partitioned her property between her sons and kept part with her. 2.she has 3 sons and one of them is my father. 3. My father is younger among the three, and only ealder brother is bit educated. 4. My father and his younger brother are illiterate. Hence their ealder brother took chance to cheat them and owned all the property. 5. He did something trash...transfering some property to his sister and then transfered back to his wife...like this some crazy stuff he did. 6. As my grandmother kept some property with her and offered that to any of the son who takes care of her till her death. 7. Here her elder son did something like he took her fingerprints without her knowledge or he himself given a fingerprint to transfer her property too. 8. Now he is saying all the property i woned is, i bought it from my brothers by giving money...but actually he didn't give any money. 9. 2nd of those 3 brothers was passed away and he has a wife..and the elder one says your husband sold all his property to me and you don't have any share remained..but actually he cheated them and owned that property. 10. Now i want to know that who has the actual rights on the property.