Hi, Mine was a love marriage and at the time of marriage i did not know that my husband's father was murdered by his mother and sister (Buried at they own backyard) he told me that his father died in 2 wheeler road accident. only when i came in to his family i realized that there was a case and that his father raped his sister so they murdered him. but i was already with my first child and was earning. also i came to know that my husband not completed BSC computer science, but just high school. i got him a job in my office where i was working as he spoke about his mother and sister saying he had to take care of them, i left that job and started working in another place. Also after marriage my husband use to physically abuse his mother (hitting her and twisting her hand and shouting at her) he use to hit me too but now after she is dead he become worse. he also flirts with older women (esp. his aunty (Related by mom side) i have seen this in my own eye and moved out of the house with my 2 daughters. he is not giving any money to maintain family as he is into lot of dept (credit card and other loans). I have got so much of mental torture for money (by which i use to get seizure-fit). After my mother in laws death my husband started drinking / smoking and having pan at home in front of my girls. also he sometimes sleeps naked and i feel this is not the environment to bring up my girls. so i left him, its now nearly 3 months. i don't have a proper lawyer who can help me understand, he tried to kill me (Chocking me to death in front of my girls (2 times) - i had gone to doctor and taken X-ray and did other test too) given police complain, but they refused to file FIR since my husband has so much of influence. Can someone help me and my girls please (My girls are just 7 and 5 years old) I have enough watup messages / images / an also call recording to prove. I also have my bank statement with all the transactions done (Funds transferred) all these 9 years to him and his sister. His sister got married 2 times and for both the marriage i was forced to take Personal loan for which i have record as well. in his family his mother and sister have 2 husbands (First is still alive) so he too telling me that he will get married but he will not allow me to live if i leave him. What should i do.