Telangana ancestor property Law

Question is about undivided property. My grandfather( dad's dad) had 4 daughter and 2 sons. He had 3 acres of agricultural land and some residential land. Event1 :- My dad expired in March 1998. Event2 :- My grandfather expired in May 1998. Event3 :- Without my family consent, my aunts and uncle together sold 2 acres of agricultural land. Event4 :- My grandmother expired in 2000. Event5 :- Without mine and my siblings knowledge, my mother sold residential land in 2010. Event6 :- We siblings approached lawyer in 2011 who told us to put case on our mother with regards to Event5. Event7 :- We were also advised by lawyer to put entire property division case. Event8 :- We all siblings came to US either because of study or job or to accompany spouse post-marriage. Me and my sister gave legal rights to my brother to fight the case. Question1 :- How the property has to be divided according to Telangana/Andhra Pradesh succession act (Event7)? Question2 :- What would be courts response to Event3 and Event5 (Event6)? Question3 :- Our lawyer says that now we have to come since case is almost ready to be closed. Following is status: " Business : Po is transfer bench vacant callon 5-8-2016 Next Purpose : CROSS EXAMINATION OF PET" However my brother cannot go right away. Lawyer said case will be dismissed. What to do? Answers much appreciated. Thanks for help. Vinay