Is it the beginning of torture?

Hello, My name is Meena Mishra. I got married on 2nd May 2016. From the very next (second) day of marriage my husband used to misbehave with me. He always made me cry! I was not ready to get married with this person, even I managed to make my family understand about this. I was a student of MCA and was not ready to stop it any way. Even I called him to meet and said requested to not to get ready for this marriage. Then all of a sudden his mother called and had a talk with my parents, and somehow my father felt helpless...and... So, I had no option left. I even once tried to escape from all these. He uses slang, slaps me every now and then, uses very bad slang to my parents... He forced me to get pregnant though I was not ready for it. After this news his torture on me has got a new direction. I asked for 2 years to complete my studies first. I between I got a job as Phy-Chem-Comp teacher in some school. He and his family members forced me to leave that job. He doesn't let me sit quiet to study. I can't tolerate his torture any more. It is increasing day by day. He doesn't even let me meet my parents, even on Dashami today. He comes drunk, have paan-parags etc, and starts argument and finish it by making me cry. This behavior of his is intolerable. I only cried throughout the Navaratri this year. If this continues this way I'll suicide. My poor parents were pressurized by the family members and society. I feel so helpless!