Bonded Employment Breached By Myself

This is Kannan. I was placed by a corporate firm on Bond for 2 year's (Valued Rs.1,50,000). After a period of 8 months. I was not feeling well a bit due to hip pain. So, have conveyed them in advance (16/03/2016) and submitted my medical records including Scan report as per there request. To get medical leave (or) to have myself relieved properly from the organization. Even then, there was no proper reply from HR/Management team. The management team has advised me to withdraw the papers and they are planning to avail me with necessary medical leaves. I have gone through their words and withdrawn my papers. After that, I approached HR head twice and requested to take a decision soon. Since, I unable to tolerate the pain.. But there were no proper response from them. Which made me forced to work for 15 days, waiting to get any response. Later, I decided to quit from the organisation and stopped coming to work from 04/04/2016. In the mean while, i attended an interview and got shortlisted. For which i received a reference call to my ex-organisation HR department. Which made them think like I'm voluntarily moving out of the firm because of better opportunity. So, they have kept my request on hold and advised me to repay the bond value of Rs.1,50,000 to have proper relieving / experience certificate. Also, they haven't disclosed my PF Account number. After having discussion with Company MD. He agreed to avail me with Experience certificate after 6 months duration, that too with the condition stating.. I should have not worked anywhere for the next 6 months and asked me to re-send the resignation letter once again dated 04/04/2016. Considering my last day of working as 04/04/2016, I received a letter of Termination from the organisation. Now, after 6 months duration.. I received a recovery letter from the firm stating the recovery amount to be paid Rs.17,201. I have joined a company before the end of 6 months duration. Now my MD refused to provide me with experience certificate without repayment of dues from Bond and recovery letter. But, I don't want to repay the Bond value of Rs.1,50,000 to get my experience certificate / relieving letter. Is that employment through bond valid in India.. Advise me with further formalities to get it done.. Thanks in advance.