Mental torcher by mother in law

Me and mother in law stay seprate however interference of dominatng is to core.. when i was staying there she literally used to taunt me on every small thing and compare it with her daughter how she is and how i am...someyimes with neighbour comparison was done....sometimes crackng jokes on family members by criticzng them...she once even in joke told my husband if the lost item is not found we will sell ur wife and that too in frontof my parrents ..thy felt reallt hurt bt kept quiet bexz my fathr in law was unwell in his last days she unnecessary created drama becz i started crying in front of my parents whrn she again taunted me ...i cried becz tht frustation of continuous taunting got tears...she made a huge drama told me my daufhter wnt behave likw tht wht culture u hve born n brght up ....still parents told me be quiet may be she is mentally not ok as her husband is unwell without my mistake i apologized her...when i was not pregnant she haraaseed me with taunts and when pregnant thn also harassing me...when my mon came to visit me in pregnanchu again she created innecsaary drama...i mean just to avoid clashes my mon wanted to stay in seprate house but she threatned sayyng if u do sperate house my son will not step in tht house u n ur daughter do whtever at ur risk just bexc doc advoce that i shall not travel in pregnancy my mom stayed here bt my mother in law trbled her also with her words and said his son is not gjarjamai n they have not selled off their son ....and plus if we do seprate house then her daughter family wht they will think....i told all this thngs to husband bt i dnt knw how to deal with such lady....i cannort see my parents getting hurt evetytime and do whtever she says....i need ur advce