Poperty isse

I am currently in Canada with a citizenship there. My mom passed away 2 years back and our house was in her name. She was sick so even before her death, my younger sister who is in India decided that we should sell the house and use part of the money to get her treatment done. So my parents did the same in 2014, used some money for my mom’s treatment and rest of the money was placed in a new Capital gain account with SBI for 3 years thinking that we will buy a smaller house in 3 years. This account is in my mom’s name with my dad’s name as a beneficiary. In 2014, my mom passed away and my sister wanted to take away all the money from the above account. She even went to SBI and the bank said they will not give her all the money till I sign a no objection letter which I refused to sign. There is no will that my mom left and I see it unfair for me to leave all the money to my sister when it should be equally divided. My sister is now telling me that they now don’t need me to sign any paper work and the bank will give her all the money once the 3 years will be up (which will happen in 2017). Is it right? Can she take all the money without my consent? Is there a legal action I can take? To add, my dad has married another woman last year.