Certificates issue

Hi sir/ mam ! this is shiva usha ! i am employee of health care company. company will taken by 2 years of service bond. i signed the bond 2 years.hr will take ssc,inter,degree certificates.he given by one letter . he told me after completion of bond , whatever i given a letter then submit hr department you should take certificates. but i am working in only 9 months.because company sold by my process to another company. but hr given only relieving letter, k fine what i am asking to my hr sir, what about my certificates. hr told me i given dnt worry he prolonged. my process handled new company ,new id card new salary acount fine .in new company just iam working only 6 mnths because i got psoriasis disease so healt problem. i informed to my team leader through mail.. tl informed to manager, manager call me what is the reason i explained briefly ok . next i am going to previous company hr because of my certificates, hr told me we want exit form. sir i told me i am not resigned because of my health issue i put the mail just informed to my tl nad manager he said to reply k. thats y am asking to my certificates . hr told me you are going to new comapy hr once meet. k ready to go hr . new company hr told me bond breking amount paid then after u shold take certificates. immeadiately i said that i am not signed the bond ur compny, i signed only perevious company, that company was given relieving letter but will not give my certificates. i am going to previous company hr he asked exit form thats y i am coming. next day going to old company hr, sir present company hr i am not given exit form please paid bond breakage he told me.sir what i am asking i put the the bond your company u are given my reliving letter but why stop to my certificates, then after old company hr he asked one written letter whatever the situation , total start to end incidents and medical documents. k i submit alll documents i submitted .old company hr told me once talk to my ceo then after i willl give your certificates. k fine after one week i call to my old company hr sir what about my certificates, wait for two days he told me . after i got the calll from old company hr. what he told u willl go to new company once talk to hr k ready to go for new company, new company hr calll me k hi sir telll me see umashankar ur put a bond old company but that company employeee transfer to this company so all previous company rules and bonds are acceptable so u willl come to offiece paid money then after u take certificates. sir what iam saying i put the the bond 2 yeras old compnay .but iam not signed ur company i got releving letter old compamy but my certificates asked to old company hr but i am asking just exit form i want to required so and so reason tho abscond that y am asking i submit alll medical documnts new company and old company finally i am asked my old company hr . i put the bond 2 years, but process sold by ur organization so u r giving relieving letter but why you are not given my certificates . he told once employeee transfer to new organization bond are acceptable to new organization k with out my permission , with out my sign how can you transger the bond i am asking to my old company hr.ur given relieving letter , and certficates acceptancy letter.i submit certificates storage letter u give my certificates i told so many times he is not respones so please suggest and guide me