Sheltering in common stilt floor parking space

I have purchased a builder floor in delhi. I have a right of one car parking in common parking space provided in stilt floor. Building have 4 floor along with stilt floor. The the owner of building from whom we have purchased floor, have sheltered care taker & his family in stilt floor. There is no room/quarter in stilt floor. Caretaker is living in stilt floor & separated rest of parking hanging big curtains. We have not any sanctioned plan from mcd. In sale, there is only mention about common parking space in stilt floor. Nothing other things are mention about stilt floor in sale deed. In unified building bye law delhi 2016, stilt floor defination is "Stilt or stilt floor means non habitable portion of a building above ground level consisting of structural columns supporting the super structure with at least two sides open for the purpose of parking cars, scooters, cycles and landscaping." My question is 1) can owner of building can shelter Caretaker & his family in stilt floor? 2) how to vacant stilt floor?