Forcing divorce

I'm married for 7 years now.. My husband is now mentally torturing me to give mutual divorce to him on grounds of irreconcilable differences which Im not ready as Mine was a love and arranged marriage and now he comes up with reasons every time for divorce. I'm willing to work out any kind of differences or problems and try to save my marriage but he is not at all willing to give a try from his side and forcing me.. I also spoke with his parents , they too told me they are not willing for our divorce but whenever I call him he tells they are lying and they too are not interested. My husband has deserted me since a month and every time I'm running around to his house to find out wat went wrong . If I ask him that I'll come and stay there only with u in my in laws place that too he is not agreeing.. I'm going through lot of mental stress and my husband previously had once cheated on me still I had given him a second chance to save my marriage. I'm totally confused and in depression . He also avoided me motherhood since a year and kept giving reasons.. Pls advice me wat to do and how to go about this case.. I Don't know whether my husband and Inlaws are involved together or it's only him . He is not trying to give a chance also to me when I'm ready to compromise for anything and every time giving reasons.. Pls help me as I'm not willing to divorce him as I still love him.