Company is deducting bond amount and not making other payments

I am a software developer in Mumbai. The company is a Indian private limited company. I have recently resigned from the company. I had served mutually agreed notice period. 1, the company deducted bond amount of 1 lakh from my salary although they have not provided me training & not met mutually agreed terms. At the time of joining the company had told me bond is taking as the company provides training. Company refused to provide photocopies of bond & the letter against which they are claiming the amount. 2, the company is not paying the annually paid fixed incentives which is always payable to me if I resign after 12 months. I have resigned months after that. 3, over phone, HR has told me they make people sign these letters according to their lawyers advice & do not follow everything which they write in these letters, but they have to write those things as it is their legal requirement. HR refused to write this in email to me, but I have proof. 4, the company is forcing me to settle first after which they will give me signed payslips, Form 16 and letters for not crediting salary. Kindly Advice?